Evolve - True Balance SOS Mask 60ml

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Evolve Organic Beauty


Denne rensende lermaske er udviklet til at reducere tilstoppede porer og eksfoliere huden.

Vores nye, grønne maske er skabt på en formel med Quora Noni, som arbejder på at afvæbne bakterier og sørge for, at de ikke replikerer sig selv og forstyrrer hudens overflade. Du vil desuden finde ekstrakt fra hvid-pil, en naturlig form for salicylsyre, som er blevet brugt til at øge hudens frekvens af cellefornyelse for at forhindre tilstoppelse af porerne og dermed forhindre udbrud.


Key Ingredients

Quora Noni - A microbiome communication hacker which disarms bacteria by disrupting the way they communicate in order to stop them replicating themselves and upsetting the skin's surface.

Whilst this ingredient disrupts bacteria, it is not antibacterial or antibiotic, which means that there is a much smaller chance of creating resistant bacteria because they are not killed or threatened.

This high-tech natural ingredient is also anti-inflammatory and has been clinically proven to reduce the size of pores by up to 48% and reduce the presence of open comedones by up to 15%.

White Willow - A natural form of Salicylic Acid, which has also been used to increase the skin's rate of cellular renewal in order to unclog pores and prevent further breakouts.

The White Willow, which is native to North America, Asia and central and southern Europe, has traditionally been used as an ancient remedy to treat pain by Chinese physicians since 500BC. In our new clarifying green clay mask, this holistic ingredient works to reduce inflammation and its associated redness in the skin, as well as reducing oxidative stress.