Loving Tan - Deluxe Gradual Tan (Dark)

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Loving Tan


Enhance or extend your tan for up to two weeks.

The Deluxe Gradual Tan is a luxuriously lightweight lotion designed to enhance or extend your mousse tan for up to two weeks or to use on its own to build your perfect shade.

Containing skin enriching antioxidants Acai Berry and Coffee Extract, this nourishing formula enhances your skin while a natural, luminous tan develops. The instant colour guide makes for a perfect application every time. Infused with a hydrating Shea Butter base, your skin will be left feeling soft, smooth and supple with a sun-kissed glow.

How to use
  1. Using your Deluxe Applicator Mitt and working in sections, apply to your body in smoothing movements.
  2. Apply sparingly to dry areas such as feet, ankles, knees, hands and elbows.
  3. Build a deeper tan by reapplying daily until the required depth of colour is achieved.
Application tip: To maintain your flawless Mousse tan, we recommend applying every other day.