Iconic London - Concealer Duo Brush

Iconic London - Concealer Duo Brush

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Iconic London


This is the easiest way to create an airbrushed, flawless finish: meet our expert Concealer Duo Brush.


You’ll know by now that we love to create products that are ultra-versatile and easy-to-use, meaning how you choose to use your expert Concealer Duo Brush is really up to you. Thanks to its mega soft bristles (that have been designed to be used specifically with liquid and cream products) the dreamy dual-ended brush allows you to really get into those hard-to-blend areas and expertly diffuse product for a flawless finish. Use the flat end to really press product onto the skin, creating major pigment pay off or an ultra-glam look. Then, flip the brush round and use the fluffier, tapered end to blend and buff liquid and cream products for a soft-focus finish. It’s like having your very own MUA at your fingertips!